Emoliongle 50ml

Émoliongle® is a higly softening ointment, specific for nails and calouses. It creates a transparent effect on the skinlayers to highlight calousses. This makes your work easier and safer. It characteristics are very handfull during ingrowing nail care. Émoliongle doesn’t irritate the skin nor your instruments. A small quantity is needed to obtains it’s effects, which makes it very economic. The softning effect start after 5min and last for approx. 30min.



  • Softens calouses and nails .
  • Transparent effect on the skinlayers.
  • Distinguishes the calouses from the healthy skin.
  • Ain’t agressif for skin or instruments.
  • Reduces “dust” formation during dry clearing.
  • 50ml jar only for professional use.

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