PD.1 is especially suitable for sensible, weary and hot feet. Menthol and eucalyptus oil immediately encrease the longlasting cooling effect.

Menthol’s cooling sensation wil make you feel like you’re in a pleasant refreshing watertub. This effect is imminent.

Not only is eucalyptus oil antibacterial but it’s also very refreshing and cooling. The combination of both ingredients is symbiotic and your heated sensation will be eliminated immediatly.

Unpleasant odours will be banished.

Are you standing all day long, walking around on carpets, having too much friction? PD.1 offers you imminent appaesement.

Order it at your chiropodist.



  • For sensitive, hot and weary feet Refreshes, invigorates and relaxes.
  • Penetrates completely into the skin.
  • Deodorizes.
  • Makes the foot muscles and skin supple and healthy.
  • A tube of 100ml is destined to be sold by the chiropodist.
  • A tube of 200ml destined for practical use during the cares, it can be stored very easily in your work-box during your travels and will stimulate your sale.
  • 500ml jar only for professional use.