KELLI is a very strong softener ONLY for professional use. It is used for nail fungus, calluses in the cuticle, deep corns, etc. Applicate with an occlussive bandage during 6 à 8 days. After that you can remove all impure residues and start the traitment of nailfungus.

KELLI contains resorcinol. This substance acts on the horny layer of the skin and is itch-quenching. The horny layer is the top layer of the skin. Resorcinol softens this layer of the skin which promotes normal growth of the skin. Moreover, it somewhat inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria. The presence of beeswax smoothens and hydrates the affected zone.


  • Preparation of nail fungus.
  • Strong softener for calluses in the cuticle, deep corns, etc.


  • Available in 15ml.

Manual KELLI